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So how do we go about setting up a community


We have looked at why we would want to do it, the positive features to design in, the negative questions we need to ask, and now we are moving on to looking at how to make it come true.

We then get to the definition and deciding what entity will actually run the project, see definition tab on the left for more details on this stage


Next comes finding the property, considering access, obtaining an option and considering planning and other considerations.

You don't need to own a property to make a planning application.

More details of this stage is on the property tab on the left.

Time plan

The time chart for the project comes next, and before we try and cost it all up, as we may want to change events and labor requirements about so as to schedule all activities.

Select the tab on the left for more information on this stage.


The final section available above covers the calculating of costs, income and funding.

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